Yes, you read that right: I got COVID.
Last month I was supposed to go on a bachelorette trip to Cabo (I'm one of the bridesmaids) and have been looking forward to this girls getaway to celebrate one of my close friends. During the weeks prior, I cancelled attending social gathering events just to be safe. ---Let me back up a bit and share that, at this time, no COVID tests were needed to get into Cabo, Mexico but a negative COVID rapid test was needed to get back in the United States which you could get tested at the hotel within 24 hours of your departure flight. Just to be cautious, we wanted to take a COVID test before our flight in case anything happens that way we can cancel our flight and stay in the US.

So like I said, I was trying to be careful to avoid social gatherings but the week of the trip, I started noticing a slight dry throat. On the day I took the COVID PCR test, my throat was consistently dry and itchy that whole day. I knew something was up but was hoping for the better. The next day I got the results and there it said in bright red letters you can't miss: POSITIVE. I had to do a couple double takes. This was the day before our flights. I was already packed and ready to go. WHAT DO I DO NOW?

I immediately went and put on a face mask, even though I was indoors, at home. We had some at-home rapid tests so I took one and it said negative. I was confused, shocked, sad, scared.

How did this happen?
Where did I get it from?
How do I tell my friends I can't make it to Cabo tomorrow?!
How do I protect my family?

So many questions and a whirlwind of emotions go through your mind. But, first things first, is safety. I quickly went to isolate myself in the room (poor Kyler didn't even know what was going on or even that I was going to "disappearing" to quarantine for several days).

Eventually, the bad news had to come out and I had to tell my friends: I can't make it to Cabo anymore. And so my quarantine days started as I hibernated in the bedroom. At first it was okay, kind of like you're at a hotel and people deliver food for you while you watch Netflix and chill all day. But after several days, that "hotel life" can get boring and lonely. Isolating takes a toll on you - mentally and physically - that most people may not talk about or share. Your day goes by chatting/texting with people on your phone (if you have the energy) and watching TV. After 3 days, I started taking the at home rapid tests daily *hoping* for it to say negative.

I missed human interactions, like real interactions.
I missed the hubby.
I missed my little one.

Every morning I woke up and took another at home rapid test and every day it kept showing a positive result. UGH! This was saddening. It meant another day away from loved ones since I was still considered infectious and didn't want to spread it to others. Why oh WHY was this happening to me? I kept thinking. I didn't feel any major symptoms (I briefly had fatigue, slight body soreness, dry itchy throat, and random coughs the day I found out I was positive) that mostly went away after 24 hours (only the dry throat and random coughs lingered). My body usually - knock on wood - has a fairly good immune system (I don't really get sick and if I do it's gone in a day) but with the coronavirus and all its mutations/variations, you just don't know. And that's why I chose to get vaccinated and also got a booster shot back in October 2021. To be honest, I was worried about getting really sick from it but I think taking the precautions to get vaccinated helped boost up my defense system. I'm not a doctor so talk to your PCP if you have any questions but this is just my personal opinion. I know people very close to me who were positive for COVID-19 back in 2020 (before vaccines) and they got a lot of the common COVID-19 symptoms. 

Every body is different and you just don't know how each body will react. So why not take precautions if you can? I teamed up with Providence Health System to share the resources below (from Instagram @providencehealthsystem) that provide such great information on COVID-19 and helps to break down testing info. #ProvidencePartner

Have you been vaccinated or received your booster shot yet?

It may sound redundant but getting vaccinated and tested can help save lives. Not only yours but also those close to you. I was never chasing it but, somehow, COVID got me. Anyone can get it. So please stay safe and healthy out there.

As always, thanks for reading and sending air hugs!

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