Customized Baby Shower Gift Idea


This year feels like it's been the year of baby showers, hasn't it?
Before the pandemic it felt like we were attending weddings almost every month. And now? 2022 has been filled with sooooo many baby showers. I've attended 5 so far and have another one coming up later this month. So many blessings coming to the new parents-to-be!

How do you decide on a baby shower gift?

When it comes to baby showers, the soon-to-be parents will usually have a baby registry list where they take time to research and select things that they want for their upcoming arrival. Each person has their own style and preference so it's usually best to go with what they choose from the list if you don't know what to get them.

If you choose something off the list, it's courtesy to include a gift receipt just in case:
1) it's not their style (don't feel offended, we all like different things)
2) they may have gotten duplicates

As an added bonus, I like to include a personal touch: customized baby onesies. I discovered a local Asian female owned brand - Hammond Haus - that creates customized pieces for bridal, babies, and more. The founder, Amanda Nguyen Hammond, is also a fellow blogger friend (we were one of the first bloggers in Orange County over a decade ago!) and she is so creative so I knew I wanted to support her. Hammond Haus carries custom gifts and goods (check out their Instagram here). To order was such an easy - and quick - process to create customized baby onesies. You can have 1, 2, or 3 lines on the baby onesie. I was able to personalize them with the baby's last name (when I didn't know what the baby's name would be) and year to keep it simple and clean. Even made a fun onesie for someone having twins (below)!

Are you into personalized gifts? Would you do this?

If you're not sure what to get at your next baby shower you're attending, check out Hammond Haus. The quality was great and there were also different onesie sizes to choose from. Just make sure you give enough time to have it personalized and delivered. Amanda's made 8 of these customized baby onesies for me this year and all the parents loved them! It's a great addition to add to any baby shower gift - they seriously make such a thoughtful gesture!

As always, thanks for reading and sending you air hugs!

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