Think Pink for October


{This post is sponsored by Providence Health System which helps to support this blog; the opinions are of my own. Thank you.}

This month is all about raising breast cancer awareness and, so, you know how important this cause is to me. 
My mother passed away from this. So I feel an important need to - not only be aware of this family history myself - but to let others be aware that it can happen to anyone.


I'm partnering with Providence Health System to share that 1 in 8 women develop breast cancer! One in EIGHT?? Shocking, right?! Which is why it's soooo important to participate in early detection. #ProvidencePartner 

πŸŽ€Be sure to schedule annual mammograms starting age 40 - you can do it even sooner if you've had a family history of this (just let your doctor know! I started at age 30).


πŸŽ€In the mean time, you can also do self breast exams at home and pay attention for any random lumps or pain.


As a mom now myself, and knowing this runs in my family, I have more reasons to be more aware of it and get check-ups annually.


Early detection can help save lives!


For more info on breast health, screenings, and care, go to


Have you gotten your mammogram for this year yet? 

If not, there's still a couple months left to schedule it!

As always, thanks for reading and sending you air hugs!

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