La Creperie Cafe


A good crepe place is hard to find. If you love eating crepes, then you have got to try them at La Creperie Cafe, located near the end of East 2nd Street in Long Beach. They have savory and sweet crepes which you will soon agree that are they are both delicious.

During lunch, they offer a salad and smaller crepes for $2 less. The baby greens salad with balsamic dressing was surprisingly good. The Dipollo savory crepe would be for those who like mushrooms (really flavorful). The French Riviera savory crepe has artichoke hearts and a light feel to it. The Prima Dona sweet crepe has nutella inside and you can add bananas and ice cream (plenty for each bite).

The bohemian style decor gives it a nice setting and they have a wide menu selection. The place is not that big and they do not take reservations. This is more the place to Add Imagego for a small group of people otherwise you may be waiting to get a table.

Baby greens with balsamic dressing

Dipollo savory crepe with chicken

French Riviera savory crepe

Prima Dona sweet crepe with bananas and ice cream added

CHECK IT OUT: La Creperie Cafe, 4911 East 2nd Street, Long Beach, CA

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