Richard Walker's Pancake House


I am drooling just thinking about this place. If you are ever in San Diego, you HAVE TO stop by Richard Walker's Pancake House. There is always a line outside but it goes by a lot faster for a party of two as seating is somewhat limited inside. The unfiltered apple juice tastes just like apple cider-I love getting that. The omelettes are light and easy to eat. Everything I've had here is just unbelievably so good!

the breakfast place to go to

the line is seriously this long all the time

unfiltered apple juice...Mmmm

Best Western omelette with broccoli added

chocolate chip pancakes for chocolate lovers

pecan pancakes

bananas and cream went perfectly with the pecan pancakes

CHECK IT OUT: Richard Walker's Pancake House, 520 Front Street,
San Diego, CA

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