OC Fair


Went to the OC Fair yesterday and it was probably one of the best times that I've ever had there. There were lots of food vendors and free entertainment. This year I was on a mission: eat the foods I've been hearing about. Now let me take you on my journey...

first off, i tried the blooming onion and it was good

then went on to try fresh roasted corn where they didn't have burned kernels ~> definitely go here if u want corn

out of nowhere, we randomly saw some horses

and a guard dog at the back. how cute

definitely skipped this place - no heart attack for me please

moved on to the next item on our food list. crazy line huh?

tried it and it was...okay. i think i was already full by now

*heart* this guy for always feeding me

next we saw this place where pretty much everything's fried. is this all the fair has to offer?

totally fried chicken sandwich (the jelly made it taste weird)

deep fried twinkies with strawberry ~> this was very delish

and finally, this place was hidden! but i did not want to leave until i found the infamous "churro funnel cake" so many people talked about

here it is...by the time i finally got here i was extremely full and did not want to eat any more fried foods but i did take a couple bites. knowing me, i would've liked it sweeter (more cinnamon?) and less oil that's for sure!

after this day, i felt like i lost 10 months of my life from all the fried foods. eeks no more fair for me

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