Let's Add Socks


[dress: fashion store, cardy: kohl's, bag: express, socks: target, shoes: bakers]

i know it's a current fashion trend: pairing socks with your heels and boots. but i will admit at first i wasn't into it. after awhile though, i saw some cute outfits that did it justice (like my Dior post). which works out for me because i can still wear all my favorite dresses and still stay warm this winter. thank you fashion gods for always coming up with ways to still look stylish no matter what season.

in case you're wondering where i'm at, it's joe's italian ice (click here for my post on it).


  1. I didn't like this trend at first either but then I tried it and I love. Such a great trend. I hope it lasts a little while.
    Anyway, I love this look, Very cute, adorable skirt.


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