Of course while in NY, one must go to the famous Serendipity (remember the 2001 movie?). It's very popular for their frozen hot chocolate, which tastes exactly how it sounds: like hot chocolate but cold. I wasn't too fond of this because I tend to like my hot chocolate

We also tried their sand tart sundae. Let me say that we just ate a big meal so we were pretty full to begin with and wasn't really expecting much. After our first bite, oh-my, we devoured it. No lie. You have got to try their scrumptious sand tart sundae. It is unbelievably good!!!

For their 50th Anniversary, Serendipity created the $1,000 (yup, $1,000) Golden Opulence Sundae made with 23K edible gold leaf and some of the world's most expensive chocolates. If you happen to have $1,000 to spare and in the mood for this sundae, make sure to call ahead with 48 hours advanced notice. I haven't gotten to try this yet, but maybe one day....


CHECK IT OUT: Serendipity, Upper East Side of NYC

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