Halloween's Past


[2006: race car driver]

[2007: arabian girl]

[2007: roman goddess]

[2008: mermaid 1]

[2008: mermaid 2]

[2009: Midsummer Nights Dream Fairies]

[2009: gyspy]

I never really knew how much I would like Halloween until I started designing my costumes over the past years. One year I had mermaid fever: I was a mermaid TWICE. Yup, as in, I designed 2 different mermaid costumes for 1 Halloween weekend haha I couldn't help it. I just fell in love with my costume idea and couldn't decide on one design.

However, my ultimate favorite was being a Midsummer Nights Dream fairy with my 2 sisters. We each designed our own look and I loved our cool eye makeup. If I had to choose only one thing to be for Halloween every year, it would definitely be this one!! Btw those are real flowers in our hair and around our waist, cool isn't it?


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