Halloween's Present


[friday: sailor]

my love

[saturday: satine]

makeup shot

watch out

we'll always have each other

[sunday: trojan warriors]

Last year's fairy costume was amazing and I think this year's was just as creative.

FRIDAY night I went out with my gfs. Not having anything to wear, I decided last minute to make my Halloween costume. Took me 3 hours but I finished making my miltary/navy -then ran out of time - sailor costume. I wanted to do all sorts of stuff to it but, unfortunately, I had to go.

SATURDAY night was already planned so I had my costume ready. I designed my Satine from Moulin Rouge (one of my fav movies) costume and I loved how it was PINK! What other color than to show my support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. :)

SUNDAY night was Sisteroo Night with my 2 little crazies. We designed our own version of Trojan Warrior-inspired costumes and it was pretty fun to wear. Toughness with some femininity? You got it!

As for Halloween's Future, I'm curious as to what I will come up with next...

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