[jacket/leggings/boots: f21, top: fashion store, bangle: coach, sunglasses: electric, beanie: volcom, scarf: express]

inside the capitol

state flag

the stairs that led to a spiral staircase with portraits of past Presidents on the wall

look at all the little detailing

such a beautiful historic building

hello happy hour

the deadly absinthe - drink with caution!

:: ROCKSTAR :: That's what the bf said to me when he saw me haha I think it's the leather-ish leggings that did it.

My gf and I went to Denver, Colorado over the weekend (one of our many crazy, spontaneous adventures) to check it out. It was both our first time there and omg it's so pretty. I've never seen "fall" season before because in SoCal all we get is sun and rain for like 2 weeks out of the year. So this was a nice change. It totally felt like autumn transitioning to winter. And we even saw a Christmas-looking-tree on the side of the road! Of course we had to take a picture. *sigh* What a beauty nature can be.

Our first stop was checking out the State Capitol. We had a dome tour scheduled but, due to time constraint, we missed it. Bummer. At least we still got to go inside the capitol and see the artsy details that went into the building. Apparently this town is known for architecture and art and it shows. Next time we come back we are definitely making the dome tour!

After walking around town, we went back to our suite hotel (which was incredibly HUGE, like the size of a one bedroom apartment with a king bed and everything). It happened to be happy hour time in the lobby and we do love ourselves a good happy hour. 50% off all drinks? Let us come right on in. Upon opening the drink menu, we saw Absinthe. Yup, the 110 proof alcohol that's practically illegal everywhere. We were really hesitant to try it at first but since it just got legalized in Colorado, we couldn't resist this insane elixir. The verdict: it was super strong and nasty. It tasted like black licorice (if you like that then you'll like this drink). But it did give us a good buzz and fast too! We were hungry so that might have weakened our tolerance level. To help us drink it, we took it like tequila shots with lemons haha that was a first the bartender said. Whatever works right? Thank goodness our martinis [caramel appletini and side car] were delicious; that definitely made up for it. 3 drinks for $15. What a steal. To top it off, they had a live piano player and singer to entertain us. Not too shabby I must say.

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