I Want, I Need, I Have to Have It


[top: borrowed from judith, cardy: fashion store, socks: target, boots: bakers]

dinner for two

razzle dazzle martinis

garlic cheese bread (so so good!)

[coat: volcom]

Idk if you remember one of my wishlist post last month on winter boots, but one of them were these Bakers "Celina" boots and ta-da I got them! I wanted them. I needed them. I had to have them. And now I do. :)

Anyways, later after Denver happy hour my gf [judith] and I got ready to go to some place called Dazzle which was having a live jazz performance. How fun. We shared a surf & turf dinner and finished the night with some coconut creme brulee. FYI I'm such a dork sometimes. While I was eating the creme brulee, I was trying to be discrete spitting paper into my napkin. How did I get paper in my mouth? Idk. Judith caught me and asked me what I was doing and after I told her, she started laughing because it wasn't paper. It was little coconut bits. Oopsie. Just kidding...all in all it was a nice date. Aren't we so romantic?

Until next time,

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  1. Great combo, over the knee socks are a great classic accessory for, always cool and chio with a lot of combo, this style is made for you !
    great pics, adorable and cute girls !


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