Canada 2011: Montreal Day 2


farmer's market

ham & cheese crepe

salmon crepe ~ super yummy

bananas with nutella

crepe flambee suzette: grand marnier + orange citron

the place were I bought the caramel sauce

can u see my snow angel?

[dress: VS, sweater: volcom, glasses: fendi, boots: bamboo]

The next day we went to Farmer's Market to have some crepes for lunch. Right next door to the crepe place there was some really good home-made caramel sauce. Everyone was trying it so I thought I'd give it a shot. OMG it was really good! Not too sweet, which I like nowadays. So I just had to buy one to bring it back to the states. Interestingly, the caramel was made with alcohol liquor to help preserve it. Maybe that's what made it taste so good?

Before we knew it time flew by and we had to start heading back to NYC to catch our 6AM flight back to Cali. The night before we were watching the news (surprisingly it was the first time we watched TV during our whole trip) and there were weather warnings of a snow storm coming. That kind of freaked us out because they cancelled all the flights that day and we were flying out the next day and we didn't have any place to stay so we really needed to go home as scheduled. During our scary drive back to NYC through the snow storm, we made a quick stop and saw all the snow surrounding us. It was so beautiful that I think we all got a burst of energy and got excited to see all the fluffiness. As my sisters were making snow angels I crazily jumped into the knee-high snow (even though I was wearing cotton) to make my own. Luckily, I was wearing several layers of clothing so I didn't freeze from my impulsive reaction and we safely made it -on time- to the airport.

As for the weather transition: California is definitely hot and sunny right now. Totally different from NYC. I kind of miss dressing up for winter now...I never thought I'd say that. Never say never right?

Sending love,

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