Canada 2011: Montreal Day 1


[jacket/scarf: volcom, long sleeve/leggings: f21, ear muffs: NYC street vendor, socks: gap, boots: bamboo]

In the middle of the night we sadly left New York and headed out to Canada. I'll admit it: it was a long car ride. But, on the bright side (literally), we got to see the sunrise and that was a sight to see.

When we finally arrived in Canada, we were all very eager to see the Basilique Notre Dame de Montreal (tongue twister huh?). We were also very hungry so after parking, we went to grab some food at the Underground Mall. Of course I could not resist myself from the temptation of shopping...even just for a little bit. I was really shocked at how much the tax was in Canada: you have to pay two taxes that adds up to about 15%. Crazy huh?!? Wow I guess I shouldn't complain about California's 8.75% tax. Although I sure did love New York's tax-free year (last year); this year it was about 4% so still pretty good. Too much math? Sorry, sometimes I get carried away when analyzing things.

Moving on...after eating, we walked on over to the Basilique Notre Dame de Montreal. It was a beautiful church with an interesting story behind it. I didn't want to post up so many pictures of it because it is something you should see in person and I don't want to spoil it for you. :)

Lastly, to end our day, we strolled on through Old Town Montreal and then drove up some hill to see the pretty city night lights. I don't think I told you yet but Canada was about 10 degrees colder than New York so we were all freezing here. It was in the low teens and felt like how cold it was on our first NYC trip (the coldest it got was 9 degrees!). The weather was insane and brutally cold so thank goodness for heaters in cars. I think I seriously would have died without them.

For more information about the Basilique Notre Dame de Montreal, click here.

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