New York 2011: Central Park


[coat: volcom, jacket: billabong, skirt: foreign exchange]

The next day we took a stroll through Central Park on our way to the Met Museum. While we were heading to the park down Fifth Avenue, we bumped into the LV store. OMG they had the cutest window display! Their purse collection was arranged into little, adorable creatures. Check it out above to see if you can figure out what they are. We stood here for at least 10 minutes doing so because they also had another window full of creatures as well.

When we finally got to Central Park, it was a beautiful sight to see with the snow covering everything. That doesn't happen in SoCal so I appreciate the view even more. The park is insanely big that I would never be able to see it all. My legs would probably die from walking haha

It was starting to get dark when we made it to the Met Museum so we only checked out the first floor (there's 2). There were a lot of interesting artwork and sculptures there. My favorites were the European & Egyptian sculptures and this one area that had a pyramid before you exit the first floor. We did take pictures but since no flash is allowed, some didn't come out so great. If you're in the NYC neighborhood and you're a student, suggested admission is only $10. Not too shabby I must say.

For more information about the Met Museum, click here.

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