New York 2011: PK, SS, and S3


Three places you must eat at when you're in NYC:
1. Papaya King
2. Shake Shack
3. Serendipity 3

Many New Yorkers enjoy Grey's Papaya hot dogs, but I personally (along with my other Californians) like Papaya King better. Apparently New York doesn't really carry that many toppings for their hot dogs. Not even grilled onions! So we were very fortunate on our first NYC trip to have discovered this yummy find where they have a good selection of different kinds of hot dogs. Our favorites are the meat eater (shown above) and sides on top (curly fries and cheese). We have been going here every year since 2009.

Shake Shack was recommended to me by a friend who suggested to get the 'Shroom burger (crispy portobello filled with cheese). I do love mushrooms so I definitely wanted to give this a try. It was good and I liked how it was a vegetarian burger (I don't like so much meat). Only bad thing was that I didn't like that it was fried but I can live with that. Their cheese burgers were delicious because they were made from Angus beef. Mmmm. Oh and they had a seasonal salted caramel shake which was super divine. A good mixture of salty and sweet.

Lastly, you cannot - I repeat, you cannot - go to NYC without trying the sand tart sundae at Serendipity 3. OMG totally to-die-for! No lie. Remember my other post about my first experience at this place? Well, it was worth the wait to have it again. One of my food joys whenever I visit here. *drool* We also had the Serendipitous hot chocolate but they messed up our order and gave us coffee (which I don't drink). Luckily, they corrected it and all was well again. Warning: when drinking the hot chocolate beware! Once you make a small hole (i.e. putting your spoon in your cup), the drink starts spilling. My cup was overflowing like crazy while the whipped cream sinked into the cup and I couldn't do anything to stop it haha good thing there's a place underneath. Maybe that's why they put it there.

For more information about Papaya King, click here.
For more information about Shake Shack, click here.
For more information about Serendipity 3, click here.

Bon appetit!

Sending love,

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