New York 2011: Cupcakes + Dash + Katz's


[cardy: foreign exchange, leather shorts: f21, boots: bamboo]

After dumplings we headed out to SoHo. This part of NYC is notarious for shopping galore. There were many stores but we got there kind of late so we didn't get to shop as much. That was probably a good thing for me since it limited how much I could spend.

While walking down the streets, we stumbled across this cute little hole-in-the-wall: Baked by Melissa. It is so small that there's not even any seating area! They sell these adorable bite size stuffed cupcakes that are oh-so-good. My favorites were tie~dye, cinnamon, and chocolate banana (mini of the month). If you are nearby, find this hidden treasure and treat yourself out. You'll be extra happy you did. And don't worry if you don't live in NYC, they ship nationwide so we can all enjoy these goodies anytime, anywhere. How awesome is that?

What we really wanted to check out in SoHo was the DASH store since it just opened this year. Sadly again, since it was Sunday, they closed even earlier so bummer. We didn't get to see the inside of the store. Guess I'll see how it looks like on TV when their shows comes out. There's always next year if anything.

With all the walking we got exhausted and hungry (great combination huh? haha). So we went to Katz's Delicatessen for some pastrami sandwiches (a popular item). If you are a meat lover then you'll probably devour this quickly. Even the NYC policemen like Katz's, as they were standing behind me to order their sandwiches. Sitting there I could not help but to notice their wall full of pictures taken with countless celebrities inside the deli. What was even more amazing was that they have been open for over a century. Wow! Fun fact: Katz's is where they taped the movie "When Harry Met Sally." I felt like I was sitting in a part of history.

For more information about Baked by Melissa, click here.
For more information about Katz's Delicatessen, click here.

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