New York 2011: Grand Central + Chinatown


[cardy: foreign exchange, thermal long sleeve: volcom, shorts/socks: f21, boots: bamboo]

Our hotel was conveniently located just 2 blocks from Grand Central so we took the subway all the way down to Chinatown. Luckily, I'm good with maps and since it was our third time in NYC, I know the subway system pretty well haha

We were craving for some dumplings and heard that Joe's Shanghai restaurant was a pretty popular place so had to see for ourselves. Unbelievably, there was quite a wait to get a table so that helped us build up an appetite. When they finally called our number for a table we were so happy to be able to sit down. I was amazed at how packed this small little restaurant was and noticed that ALL the tables had dumplings so I knew it must be their staple item. They had two kinds of dumplings: pork and pork with crab meat. We couldn't decide on just one so we ordered both. Why not sample each right? The verdict: the one with the crab meat was better. It just had that extra "oomph." It was definitely good and I probably could've eaten two orders by myself haha

For more information about Joe's Shanghai, click here.

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