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spinach salad

pizza rustica

rain drops martinis

chocolate banana cake + ice cream

[dress: foreign exchange, cardy: fashion store, belt: from canada trip, heels: gifted from bakers]

As a Valentine's Day gift, the bf took me on a trip to San Francisco for the weekend. It was such a sweet idea as we have never been there together before.

After we landed and checked into our hotel (from the SFO airport we took the BART then the Muni cable car to our hotel), we decided to check out Chinatown since it was only a couple blocks away. On the sidewalk there was a penny souvenir machine and I enjoy collecting them whenever I can (I have a good collection so far hehe). We ate at a dim sum place that was recommended by someone at one of the stores so we thought we'd give it a try. Negative. It wasn't that good, which is why I didn't want to share pics with you. The dim sum in SoCal is way better! I will blog about in the future for my out-of-state followers in case you ever want to try some when you're in town.

Later we went to the Grand Hyatt in Union Square to catch the gorgeous sunset from their Grandviews Lounge on the 36th top floor. Luckily it was one street down from us. I tried their rain drops martinis: purple rain, apple rain, & tropical rain. It comes with three 2 ounce martinis for you to sample, which I love because drinking (or eating) one flavor gets boring for me. My favorite was the apple rain - sip and take a bite of the apple together...delicious. The tropical rain was also very good. Reminded me almost of a pina colada.

After enjoying the sunset, our hotel manager recommended an Italian place close to us. Credo [meaning: I Believe] on Pine Street was just a couple blocks away so we were up for trying new things. We ordered the spinach salad & pizza rustica. The salad had goat cheese on it which I'm not too big of a fan but I did like the dried cranberries and pancetta. Anyone who knows me, knows that my favorite two pizza toppings are sausage and mushrooms. If your pizza has these, then I am going to try it. This pizza did have sausage and carmelized onions (another thing I can't say no to). The bf and I really liked how it had a crispy crust. He loves pizza so we've had our fair share and we can get kind of picky when it comes to this food. Overall, Credo was a good recommendation.

One of the things that I love about San Francisco is all the walking. It feels so much healthier to walk around and it's such a norm there. SoCal definitely needs to adopt something like this!

We ended the night by walking around Union Square in search for a good dessert place. Unfortunately our mission failed since most places were closed or their dessert menu just didn't seem to catch our eye. So we decided to go back to the Grand Hyatt and order the warm bittersweet chocolate banana cake with dulce de lece ice cream. I'm so glad we did because it was so so good! Another fun fact about me: I love chocolate cake and I love bananas. So together, it's my weakness.

For more information about Grand Hyatt's Grandviews Lounge, click here.
For more information about Credo, click here.

~Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!~

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