Food for Fridays: Boudin @Fisherman's Wharf, SF


For our last day of our weekend getaway in San Francisco, we went to Fisherman's Wharf and had brunch at Boudin. They make such cute little critters out of their sourdough bread. So adorable aren't they?

1. Herbed Greens Salad (organic greens, cherry tomatoes with black pepper shallot vinaigrette) - light and fresh. The tomatoes added a nice flavor to the salad.
2. Crab and Corn Bisque Breadbowl - was debating between this or clam chowder but we took a chance with something new. Yummm
3. Roasted Mushroom Risotto (mushrooms with white wine, shallots, thyme, and shaved romano) - this was really good too. Especially the mushrooms.

Want to know something funny? Apparently there's a Boudin Bakery about 20 minutes away from me but I never knew. It was not until after this trip when I went to the mall and recognized the restaurant name. Now I can eat it any time. :)

Bon appetit!~!

For more information about Boudin, click here.

Sending love,

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