SF 2011 Recap-Part II


[cardy: foreign exchange, lacey shorts: f21, heels: gifted from bakers]

Continuing on from my SF Recap-Part I post, remember how I couldn't find my pics for this outfit? Well, thanks to jb, here they are! :D

On our last day in San Francisco, we randomly bumped into my dear good friend Alex (we've known each other since junior high) and her bf. This was such a random encounter that we were both surprised and shocked to see each other. We didn't even know that we were both going to San Fran so it was truly a funny coincidence. It also happened to be great timing since we both wanted to go on one of those boat tours that goes under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz so we turned it into a double date. Our boat captain was a jokester so it was a nonstop entertaining ride. Plus it was his birthday so it was a special day for everyone.

And want to know what made this trip even more perfect? The weather. It felt like SoCal weather up there which was great since I didn't pack nething warm (trying to travel light haha). Alex has gone to San Francisco many times and said that the weather is never that beautiful so we sure were lucky.

Sending love,


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