SF 2011 Recap-Part I


[dress: fashion store, heels: anne michelle]

Lookie lookie what I found!! Well, actually, my amazing jb recovered these pics for me. He is so awesome isn't he? Now I'm as happy as can be and can share with you the photos that accidentally got deleted from my weekend getaway to San Francisco.

Above are more pics from my dinner date night at the Cliff House restaurant. The sunset view is incredible. As I mentioned in my food posting, we shared the Belgian Endive Salad and Braised Lamb Shank. Afterwards, we walked around Union Square (a great way to burn some of those just-eaten calories haha). We started to crave something sweet and stumbled across Lori's Diner. It had a friendly, old-fashion 50's vibe and I am a fan of places like these. They tend to have good smoothies. ;)

1. Chocolate Banana Milk Shake - special requested this because I love this combo. Yum!
2. Orange Freeze (orange sherbet with sprite) - not your usual Orange Dream drink because they add sprite to it. Who would've thought that'd be a great combination? Definitely a good idea ~> we likey.
Plus, with the extras on the side, there was more than plenty for us to share. Brain freeze anyone?

For more information about Lori's Diner, click here.

Sending love,

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