Little Girl All Grown Up


[dress/belt: from my Canada trip, heels: gifted from bakers]

I am more of a "spring/summer" girl because I can just put on a cute dress and be ready for the day. Layers can sometimes feel bulky, especially for my current on-the-go lifestyle. Therefore, I enjoy the simplicity of a sunny day and there was plenty during my SD trip.

The days are finally getting hotter here in SoCal and I love it. The only bad thing is that I don't like it when it gets so hot where there is literally sweat dripping down my face. Ewww. Not a pretty sight. So weather gods, can I please request temperatures in the 70s-80s? That would be perfect. Thank you.

Sending love,

**Don't worry it's not my undie showing. I am wearing black spandex shorts under my dress cause I couldn't find my nude ones. FYI: I always wear spandex shorts underneath skirts and dresses-for protection. No peek show from me. haha**

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