Food for Fridays: Bare Back Grill, SD


For our last night in San Diego, my sister and I decided to go out to the Gaslamp area. Surprisingly we were ready by 8:30pm, which is super early for us! Around 9:30pm we took a cab to downtown SD. After walking around for what seemed like forever, we built up an appetite and asked some locals if there was any nearby good, burger place (we were craving something meaty). They recommended Bare Back Grill that happened to be a couple blocks down from us and off we went.

1. "Queenstown Fave" Gnarly Big Burger (house foccacia bun with edam cheese) $9.9 -omg one of the BEST burgers I've ever had! I don't know if it was their 100% organic beef or if I was super hungry but it tasted amazing.
2. Happy hour well drink specials (vodka + cranberry) $3 - at this price, how can anyone say no? So we couldn't resist the temptation to have three (or four?) rounds before our night out on the town. ;)

Overall this place had a fun, casual atmosphere and if I was a local college student I'd probably be here all the time. Gaining 10 pounds. haha Looking around I saw customers playing beer pong and shuffle board giving the burger joint a lively feeling. There was even Jenga on our table ~ how cool is that?!?

A great place with delicious food. You can't go wrong with that. So stop by and give it a try if you're in the neighborhood. Bon appetit!

~Happy April Fool's Day!~

Sending love,

For more information about Bare Back Grill, click here.

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