MADE BY ME: Gathered Dress


[dress: fashion store, tights: volcom, boots: bamboo, sunglasses: electric]

What I'm holding above is one of my creations from my manual labor of work haha It's a half-scale, cut-out, gathered pink dress. Stayed up late nights to get this done but in the end it was worth it. This little dress is perfect for mini me (or "fun kimberly" as they call it in those commercials haha).

I tend to find great joy in approaching something I've never known about before and learning about it to figure out how it works. Does that make sense or am I just rambling? I'm weird, I know. But we all can't be the same now or else life would be a bore. So embrace your individuality and know that we all have our own gifts and talents. Time to explore. :)

Sending love,


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