Food for Fridays: Guppy's


So awhile back ago, the bf and I were on a mission to get some brick toast at 85 degrees Bakery and failed. Unfortunately, they ran out before we got there (geesh those things are so popular!) and walked on over to Guppy's (in the same plaza) to try theirs.

1. Hawaiian fried rice $10.99 - we love it when the fried rice comes in a pineapple. It just makes it more festive and enjoyable to eat.
2. Popcorn chicken $5.50 - tastes how it should. Like every other boba place that makes popcorn chicken so it's a safe choice.
3. Butter coconut toast with vanilla ice cream $7.25 - not the same as 85 degrees but still a good alternative. The ice cream adds a good touch.

What's also very popular here is the shaved ice. If you are coming in a big group, order the large shaved ice. It's humongous with plenty to share. :)

Warning: there can be a long wait to be seated and the crowd here is usually "younger." Just FYI.

For more information about Guppy's, click here.

Sending love,

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