Maroon is My Ideal Color


[cardy top: volcom, leggings: f21, boots: bamboo]

Not too girly and not too boyish. I am really digging this maroon color right now.

These pics are from one of the sunny-yet-slightly-colder days during my San Diego trip. Good thing I packed some leggings last minute! Actually, I think I will always have a couple pairs of leggings in my travel bag. They're the easiest (and most comfy) things to wear during long car rides.

Random fact about me: Sometimes I get car sick so I need to constantly be doing something. Either munching on snacks (sweet, salty, crunchy, chocolatey - all of the above as I get bored of eating one thing easily)...or sleeping (which happens often. I'm such a bad passenger. Eeks sorry driver!). A friend recently recommended eating ginger candy to help with my stomach problems. I'll admit that ginger isn't the best tasting thing to eat but he actually suggested one that was very tolerable. I don't remember the name of it, as I found it in the local Asian supermarket, but if you would like to know, email me and I will get the info to you! :)

Sending love,

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