Been Searching and I Finally Found You


[tank: f21, shorts: closet find, boots: bamboo, hat: bakers, bag: volcom]

Going to the library reminds me of my younger years. *Sigh* I've been going to this local library for who-knows how many years now. As a kid, my family and I would make an adventure out of it and feed the ducks. Every time I come here it brings back childhood memories.

There was even a time (omg, over a decade ago) when we went to a park in San Diego and there were a bunch of geese. My sisters and I went up close to feed them bread and it was a bad idea! The whole herd of 10+ geese started chasing after us. This was pretty traumatizing as we were not that much taller than the geese. I think they could've eaten us if they wanted to. Seriously! To this day I'm still scared of them.

As for the title of my post, I've been trying to find a red hat that fits me for awhile now. I have a small head so it's hard to find one that fits well. While I was at the mall last week, there it was. As if it was calling my name. I tried it on and hal-le-lu-jah it fit! So of course I had to buy it right then and there. I mean, if the shoe hat fits, get it right? ;)

Sending love,

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  1. what a lovely setting to take the pictures, so pretty. i love the outfit too! just came across your blog on ifb and though i would say hello :-)


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