Food for Fridays: El Torito


Yesterday night I took my dearest Judith to El Torito for happy hour (one of our favorite hh places to go) to continue her month-long birthday celebration. It's been a couple months since we've been here and thought it was a great time to come back.

1. Crispy chicken flautas - our favorite dish here.
2. Wild strawberry cadillac margaritas - not too strong with a hint of sweetness. However, beware! The alcohol can creep up on you (at least on me; jud has higher tolerance).
3. Deep fried ice cream (picture above) - YUM!! I love eating this dessert here. There's chocolate chip ice cream on the inside and it has an incredible mixture of soft, crunchy, sweet, chocolatey...all my favorites!

FYI: If you sign up for their updates on their website, you get a FREE entree for your birthday. Judith had this so it made this happy hour even more happy! ;)

For more information about El Torito, click here.

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