Food for Fridays: Memphis Santora, Santa Ana


After my fashion show debut during OC Fashion Week, we all went around the corner to Memphis at the Santora. I've heard about this place before but was never in the neighborhood and finally got the chance to give it a try.

1. Cajun trio - WOW this is really good and flavorful. Definitely has that cajun taste to it but it goes well with everything.
2. Southern crab cakes - good with the sauce. I wish it came with more than 3 pieces. Finished it in no time.
3. Prince (of something?) martini (it was at the top of the drinks list) - a little sweet, which is how I like it.
4. Soul burger with sweet potato fries - the angus chuck meat was like heaven in my mouth and went perfectly with the chipotle aioli.
5. Pulled pork sliders - tastes a lot better than it looks. Trust.
6. Bison burger - good but it probably would've been better if it was on a burger bun (they ran out so it was on a baguette instead).
7. Mary's free range chicken & waffles with sweet potato fries - okay. I guess I'm used to eating waffles with fried chicken but the sweet potato fries were extra yummy. In fact, we ordered another order of just the fries.

It turns out this hidden Artist's Village in downtown Santa Ana is about 15 minutes away from me! Who knew? Next time I want to try the saffron risotto jambalaya and the down home gumbo. Both sounds so delish don't they?

*FYI the chocolate cake is from 85 degrees Bakery ~ thank you Jud! You are truly amazing! <3

Well I hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend! Have fun and be safe!

Sending love,

CHECK IT OUT: Memphis at the Santora, 201 North Broadway, Artist's Village, Santa Ana, CA 92701. Tel: (714) 564-1064.

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