Her Surprise Masquerade Party Details


[Kaf's dress: designed by Kaf, Kaf's mask: made by Sus from Kaf's dress fabric]

It was definitely the best way to celebrate Kaf's 25th birthday. She was indeed surprised and LOVED the event. She deserves many good things in life and it was a great time to show her how special and important she is to us all.

Hands down to my youngest sister, Sus, for planning, organizing, AND decorating Kaf's surprise 25th birthday party! Of course I helped where needed, but credits to her for her gifted creativity. Sus even handmade all the signs and masks - talented is she? Also thanks to Jud for helping with the food.

The highlight for many for the night was the moment I brought out the birthday cake. Everyone was truly amazed by the flaming flower on top of her cake haha It was like we were all kids again oohing and ahhing at the bright light. I've seen it a couple times already but each time I'm still in awe. After all, it's no ordinary candle: it starts out closed like a bud then shoots up like a firework and then blooms out into a flower while singing Happy Birthday! Crazy huh?!? You have to see it for yourself to believe it. Trust - it's that amazing!

Endless thanks to all our great friends who came out and made Kaf's birthday extra special. You all mean a lot to her and to us. <3

Sending love,

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