Splash of Summer


[dress/jacket: closet find, heels: jessica simpson~bday gift from jud, sunglasses: electric]

A dash of red, hint of orange, mixed with yellow, and a splash of blue. Looked like someone had fun designing the textile print for this dress! With all the bold colors, it reminds me of a beautiful sunset drifting off into the ocean waters. Kind of like from my SF trip here (minus some shades of red). The SF place was sooooo romantic - a must see! There's also a hike trail nearby (how fun!). If I lived in San Francisco, I'd probably be here every week just for the view. Sometimes the best things in are free; and I would say this definitely falls under that category. So if you happen to be in the SF neighborhood, escape for a couple minutes to enjoy the sunset scenery. It's absolutely breathtaking.

Sending love,


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