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Ever have a great idea but didn't know how to turn it into an invention? Or those moments when you're in the store and you see a product and think to yourself, "I thought of that! Why didn't I do anything?" Well, most of the time it's because many people do not know where to go to bring their ideas to life. This is where Edison Nation Vietnam comes in.

Edison Nation Vietnam is a partnership between Edison Nation and Michael Diep (Winner of Season 2 Everyday Edison PBS show & creator of Emery Cat). Edison Nation is a business platform for idea people with numerous popular products already out in stores: Emery Cat, Gyro Bowl, Mister Steamy, Pressix, and more! They work with many top retailers such as Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, As Seen on TV, PetSmart, Amazon.com, etc. Plus, with the $25 Million USD Innovation Fund, they have access to bring the right product straight to the market. So if you are an innovative person where inventions consistently pop in your head, then this is the place to go to turn your ideas into actual consumer products (if chosen).

Go to Edison Nation Vietnam today to read more about this great company. Don't worry if you're not fluent in Vietnamese, just click on the English tab in the upper right corner and it will translate everything. Now is the time to sign up and start submitting your creative ideas!

Good luck everyone!

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