Pleated Silk


[top: closet find, skirt: jessica mcclintock, heels: qupid]

A belated outfit post but this is something I wore last month. I've actually worn it another time a couple months before that but forgot to take pictures (it was my "ballerina" look). In fact, this skirt is actually one of my favorite purchases this season because the details on the silk is so beautiful. It's hard to see but the silky skirt has a floral print all over it. Pictures don't do it justice. And the pleats at the hip yolk line? LOVE it. What also made me really like this skirt even more is that I didn't have to hem it! haha I know it may sound silly but it's very challenging to find a full-length skirt that fits. After that I knew I had to have it. ;)

Sending love,

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  1. very nice shoes~

    and the dress is pretty cute, darling~ perfect for a day out ^_^


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