Sawdust Art Festival 2011


look closely - it's made out of spoons

see the bee?!?

live music

arts & crafts

DIY earrings

totally LOVE this painting!

[dress: closet find, glasses: fendi, crossbody: coach, heels: jessica simpson]

Practically located in my backyard is the Sawdust Art Festival. Okay, maybe not that close but still within 30 minutes which isn't so bad. One random day, Jud and I went to check it out. We've heard about it before but never went inside. It kind of reminded me of the Strawberry Festival in that there were many booths everywhere but these had more creative work with lots of fun sayings. What's nice is that most of the art was done by the artist themselves, who also happened to be at the booths. The above painting really caught my eye - the one with the woman's hair flowing. Something about it just drew me in and I could not leave the festival without it. The artist, Michael Phillips, is truly a funny guy and it was so nice to meet him. I still don't know where I'm hanging that drawing up yet but it's going somewhere in my room.

You know what else is cool about this place? Depending on the day, they have random DIY arts & crafts activities going on. Jud and I happen to make the DIY earrings class and we went a tad crazy and made FIVE! It was a lot of fun making them and felt like, for that moment, we were little kids in art school or something because there were so many around a couple adults. But that is what's amazing about arts and crafts. It isn't limited to just children because anyone can be creative, even you!

Side note: this celebration of the arts is only open during the summer and winter. Any locals who appreciate and love art should definitely stop by. Have fun!

Sending love,

CHECK IT OUT: Sawdust Art Festival, 9350 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach, CA. Tel: (949) 494-3030.

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