Food for Fridays: Frostbites, Cypress


I've heard so much buzz about this place that I had to go check it out to see for myself. Right across from Cypress College is Frostbites, where the dessert options seem endless: sorbet chill, frozen custard, sorbet cream, ice cream cakes, sweet crepes, and sandwich crepes!

Surprisingly, the line was long when we got here around 9pm. I guess many of the locals know about this place? At first the bf and I didn't know what to order but the oh-so-many people in front of us kept getting sorbet chills and so that's what we got. After sampling who-knows-how-many-flavors, we ended up getting the small raspberry/peach and passionfruit/mango (most popular seller) sorbet chills. The passionfruit/mango, however, was clearly the best.

The verdict: My first impression about this place was that it would be a little like Joe's Italian Ice. So in my mind I was comparing it to that...soon I realized it wasn't anything in the ball park of Joe's (sorry, I love that place and it's still a top winner in my book). The flavors here at Frostbites has a "candy" taste to it (kind of reminds me of jolly ranchers) whereas at Joe's you can taste the actual fruit in some of them. Also, the ice cream didn't have that "wow" factor unlike Joe's rich and ultra creamy ice cream (one bite and you totally taste the difference-trust me!). One of the things I did want to try here was the crepes (I wish I did but got too full). I'll have to get this next time...after I'm over my Joe Latti phase...overall, Frostbites does have a good variety of desserts to choose from if you want a little bit of everything. Don't hesitate to still give it a try. You might end of loving it.

Bon appetit!~!

Sending love,

CHECK IT OUT: Frostbites, 9111 Valley View St., Suite 103, Cypress, CA 90630. Tel: (714) 484-1577.

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