Food for Fridays: Chocolat, SD


During our San Diego trip, some of our friends wanted to meet at Gaslamp. Since we got there a little early, the bf and I decided to find a dessert place. For some random reason I was craving crepes. And what do you know? We run into a crepe place called Chocolat! Seriously-it was very random! Like out of no where there it was. So we were really excited to check it out.

1. Hot chocolate - what's not to like? It had just the right amount of "chocolate" taste.
2. Mascarpone & nutella sweet crepe - I usually get nutella & bananas but since we were "on vacation" we wanted to try something new. The bf suggested this and since he's the chef, I trust his taste. Good thing I did! It was light, crispy, and sweet but not too sweet.
3. Vodka shots - I did mention we were on vacation right?...Anyways, I was really surprised they served drinks here. How cool is that?!?

At Chocolat, they have so many dessert choices that you will definitely find something you like. Or maybe a little trouble picking just one! Now every time I go to Gaslamp, I think I am going to stop here for my late night sweet cravings (they open til midnight or later). Totally loved it and the decor! I hope you try it too.

Bon appetit!~!

Sending love,

CHECK IT OUT: Chocolat, 509 5th Avenue, San Diego, CA. Tel: (619) 238-9400.

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