Food for Fridays: Manhattan, Orange


Another October baby! Went to Manhattan Steak & Seafood in Orange for Jo's bday.

The place had an old soul feel to it.

Wild Chilean Seabass - light and easy to eat (I love eating seabass).

Red Seafood Pasta - clams, mussels, shrimp, scallops, linguine...a little bit of everything!

Seared Scallops - okay. I thought it would've came with more, especially for $31!

Manhattan Prime Rib eye - very tender and flavorful. The winning dish of the night. My friend took this one pic and then started eating b/c she couldn't wait haha

In the bar area, there's a band and they sang Happy Birthday to her. Isn't that just too cute? Sorry for the blurry picture but everyone was moving. :/

Happy birthday jo jo!

With the birthday girl. :)

Group pics with my lovely girls to come!

Sending love,

CHECK IT OUT: Manhattan Steak & Seafood, 202 S. Main St., Orange, CA. Tel: (714) 978-6161.


  1. that red seafood pasta looks delicious!

  2. I joined the OC fashion bloggers in IFB, its not easy finding bloggers in orange county, i will love to attent to a fashion show, event and meet other bloggers.
    and i have to say that dress is so pretty, very feminine.
    pass by soon ;)


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