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It seems like every week this month there's a birthday! At the beginning of the month, my friend, Heather, had a rock climbing bday party. It was going to be indoors and I didn't even though there was such a place just 30 minutes away from me. Rock City Climbing Center isn't crazy big but it was a good size place for a fun, family event. I've done some rock climbing before (nothing extreme) so I figured it'd be a piece of cake...and it was...until I came across the slanted walls. Omg I could not move for the life of me. I have terrible arm muscles. After doing a couple rounds of the straight rock climbing, I was getting a little tired. It looks easy but it's actually a great workout too. Having fun while working out is my kind of style.

Okay now I must mention the cake. First off, isn't it so cute?!? I just LOVED how it perfectly went with her rock climbing theme. Secondly, it was two layers of cake. That cake was huge! The top layer had chocolate and hazelnut, which reminded me of nutella. Mmmm. The bottom layer was vanilla with berries and cream. I am chocolate lover so I was already happy with my chocolate slice but I decided to try a piece of the vanilla cake. It was amazing! Very light and I can't believe I'm saying this but I liked it more than the chocolate cake. This doesn't normally happen so I am surprised myself. It's very rare to come across a cake that looks nice and tastes good, especially two flavors in this case! We all definitely left the place smiling after that dessert.

Sending love,

CHECK IT OUT: Rock City Climbing Center, 5100 E. La Palma Ave., #108, Anaheim, CA. Tel: (714) 777-4884.

P.S. The next day my whole body felt sore. I probably worked out some muscles I never even touched before!

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