Food for Fridays: Pain du Monde, Newport Beach


Before working on SWOC 2011's finale fashion show for Fashion Island last week (pics to come), Jud and I stopped by Pain du Monde for an early dinner.

1. Seasonal salad - great salad combination of fruit & veggies. The champagne vinaigrette was light and went very well with everything. I don't eat strawberries so I gave them to Jud. Sharing is [always] caring!
2. Grilled steak & romaine - really good! The steak was tender and flavorful. The mushrooms were an added plus. *drool*
3. Apple tart - apparently when you order a dish it comes with a cookie and we didn't know that. We ordered our apple tart first and after our meal, we were too full to try the tart. So we gave it the family who was sitting near us. I'm pretty sure they enjoyed it. We did, however, have just enough room in our tummies left to try the cookies. I must say, those were some soft, baked cookies! I can definitely have more of those!

Bon appetit!

Sending love,

CHECK IT OUT: Pain du monde: 401 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, CA. Tel: (949) 644-4835.


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