SWOC 2011 - Day 2


Aren't these killer boots?!? We were all swooning over them backstage - LOVE!

Remember from my last post where I said I had two fashion shows to do? Well the other one was a Contemporary Chic show. This one was bigger and a little more fun because it showcased many different styles. I got to work with the lovely model Lauren (last pic) and she was a sweetheart! We had four looks for the show so we had to chop-chop backstage. You would think you have a lot of time but, really, it's just a mere couple minutes (that feels like seconds) to change from one outfit to the next!

There were a LOT of looks for this show so I just picked my top favs to share with you. So pardon my pictures galore...hope you like! :)

Style Week OC still continues because I have more shows on the way! In fact, I just finished one today (pics to come) and have one more this weekend!

Sending love,


  1. the last pic is a lovely model by the name of alex allen, she happens to be a friend of mine. i was one of the makeup artist there. Lauren is the one with the boots you love.

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