Style Week OC - Day 2


[top/skirt: unknown, heels: marc fisher, watch: guess, bangle: coach]

What a day! This past Saturday I was working at 2 back-to-back fashion shows at Fashion Island. To start, I had the Elie Tahari show at Neiman Marcus. This event was a private showing for a specific group of clients but luckily my dearest Jud was able to get on the list to watch the show and take pictures! Yup, that's my girl working her charm. ;)

Jud told me that during the show, when the models came out, the clients would signal what items they liked. This made sense because, literally, right after the show (we just barely finished cleaning up), the clients were going to the fitting rooms to try on the clothes immediately. WOW just like that huh? What a grand life! Hey, if you have the money, you can buy whatever you want right?

Sending love,

P.S. Sorry I know the photos aren't great but it was really hard for Jud to take pictures when the models were walking by so fast! She tried...and as least we can (kind of) see the outfits. :)

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