Food for Fridays: Cosi, Costa Mesa


On a random adventure day with Jud (I forgot what we were doing), we got really hungry and exited the freeway to find something to eat. Some how we ended up at South Coast Metro Plaza and decided to try Cosi. The ambiance reminded me a lot of Corner Bakery except this place has pizza! And you know how I do love me some pizza so we definitely had to get that.

1. Smoky BBQ chicken flatbread pizza - when it's just 2 people eating, this is plenty to share. The toppings tasted really fresh and light. I also liked how it was a flatbread pizza, which made it a good combination between dough-y and crispy.
2. Cinnamon apple pie - if you want a sweet sugar rush, this will give it to you. I like sweets but I've noticed that my sweet buds are starting to not like things too sweet anymore. Jud, on the other hand, loved it (her sweet buds are working fine haha).

I must also mention that their service was excellent. We came here kind of late and they still helped us out with no hesitation. Friendly service is muy importante nowadays - #2 on what I look at when eating at places. After all, if the service isn't good then how can you enjoy your food? Lucky enough, they don't have to worry about that here!

Bon appetit!~!

Sending love,

CHECK IT OUT: Cosi, 901 S. Coast Dr. #C180, Costa Mesa, CA. Tel: (714) 957-6191.


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