Food for Fridays: Alegria Cocina Latina, Long Beach


One night Jud and I were going out to dinner. We didn't know where to go but we just felt like being spontaneous. Somehow we ended up in downtown Long Beach and we still didn't know where to eat. We walked down the main streets to weigh our options. After walking a couple blocks and back, we knew we should follow our instincts on our first choice, Alegria Cocina Latina.

This place had such great decor and ambiance. Totally loved all the hanging masks and there was even a live band playing salsa! (Later they had a DJ.)

Pomegranate Caipirinha Tradicional - amazing sweet, mixed drink! On the menu it doesn't have this flavor but just ask them & they'll make it. If you're ever see this drink on the menu, order it!

Hole Mole $7 - we've never had "mole" sauce and was told this was a popular appetizer so we tried it. OMG it was delicious and flavorful! I don't know what's in that sauce but you've got to try it. I am still craving it to this day!

Humitas Chilenas $9 - what is this you may ask? It's a homemade sweet corn tamale souffle. This dish was very good as well. The stuffing with the sweet corn made for a perfect combination.

Despertador $7 - aka tiramisu. Warning: all that powder on top is deadly. Seriously! Me & jud were both choking because it kind of clogged our throats so be careful. After wiping off the top powered layer, we got to enjoy the tiramisu better. Overall it was okay, nothing extraordinary.

Chocolate Cake Shot - I LOVE chocolate cake. I repeat: I LOVE chocolate cake! Jud knows that and she wanted me to try this because I've never heard or had it before. It doesn't look like chocolate cake but after you take the shot and bite the lemon, you suddenly take it. Weird, indescribable, and confusing. It was good but I still love eating the actual chocolate better. Hmm now I'm craving some.

I'm so glad we followed our instincts as this restaurant was definitely a winner. This was a great place for a casual, fun night out. We will sure be back soon!

Bon appetit!~!

Sending love,

CHECK IT OUT: Alegria Cocina Latina, 115 Pine Street, Long Beach, CA. Tel: (562) 436-3388.

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