Halloween 2011 - Just Vampires


[corset/cardy: closet find, skirt: f21, heels: qupid]

Do you know how hard it is to find a couples costume for Halloween? Especially, one that fits? It's very hard so we gave up looking at the store (it was too last minute for me to make something). We figured being vampires should be easy: wear black and add some fangs. Done! Sounds easy right? Everything was...until we had to stick on the fangs. Omg it was so difficult! FYI don't waste your money on those. I had to take them off because it was so inconvenient to wear. We also kept getting teased as "Bella" and "Edward" from Twilight but that wasn't the intention. My response was, "Oh no, we're just vampires."

Sending love,


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