Halloween 2011 - Think Tink!


[tinkerbell dress: self made, wings: halloween store, heels: c/o Bakers]

Every year Halloween gives us a chance to escape reality and dress up as anything we want! This year we had a Disney theme and my first choice was The Little Mermaid but since I was already a mermaid TWICE (as in two different costumes), I opted for being Tinkerbell (my next fav Disney character). I tried to make my Tinkerbell costume match her Disney outfit as close as possible and then, of course, I added some sparkle because that's just me. Halloween isn't the same without some glitz and glam you know? I wasn't going to wear any wings because they tend to get in the way when walking...but the bf got me some and it perfectly match my dress so I couldn't resist! After all, Tinkerbell isn't Tinkerbell without her wings.

What about you? Did you dress up for Halloween? If so, send me a link to your pictures as I'd love to check it out. :)

Sending love,

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