Food for Sundays: Rusty Pelican, Newport Beach


Anyone craving brunch? If so, you've got to stop by and try Rusty Pelican in Newport Beach!

Their Brunch Specials come with champagne - that's right, I said comes with. How amazing is that?!?

And some assorted bread. My fav was the one with cinnamon.

Croissant benedict $13.59 - a twist to the usual eggs benedict. I like it on the regular English muffin better.

Firepot Barramundi $16.59 - I couldn't resist ordering the seabass with sweet & spicy flavorings. Delish!

French toast $12.29 - first time having French toast where the edges were crispy and it tasted so good! We all agreed that this was the winning dish. A must-try for anyone who likes French toast!

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[dress: f21, clutch: coach, heels: c/o Bakers, sunglasses: electric]

It was our first time trying Rusty Pelican's Brunch Special and we all liked it. If you're a breakfast person, I recommend going here. Good food at a great price. I'll definitely be back here again.

Bon appetit!~!

Sending love,

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