Fresno 2011: Birdstone Winery


[top: volcom, skirt: closet find, wedges: steve madden]

The last winery we went from our Vino & Friends Madera Wine Trail was Birdstone Winery. I really liked this winery! It had such a nice outside view to enjoy your wine and relax. Very peaceful. It also had a lot of wines to sample but I just tried a few. My favorite was the Muscat Canelli - it had a hint of sweetness to it. Throughout this wine trail, we also made a new friend! All in all, this was an incredibly memorable first-time-wine-trail-experience and I'm so glad we did it together!

Thank you Alex for telling us about it! This made mine & Jud's "honeymoon weekend" even more romantic! ;)

Sending love,

P.S. I think I am now officially a "wine-o-holic." Anyone want to join me in that club?

Vino & Friends, 1560 E. Champlain Drive, Fresno, CA. Tel: (559) 434-1771.
Madera Wine Trail, Tel: (800) 613-0709.
Birdstone Winery, 9400 Road 36, Madera, CA. Tel: (559) 645-1825.

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