Fresno 2011: Cru Wine Company & Papagni Wines


[top: volcom, skirt: closet find, wedges: steve madden]

Our next stops on the Vino & Friends Madera Wine Trail were Cru Wine Company and Papagni Wines. These wineries had less tastings than the first two places but that was a good thing I guess. The Cru Wine Company even had some live entertainment for us! Singer Hope Waits performed some songs from her album with a live guitar player. Their music was very calm and mellow. A great choice to listen to while sipping on some wine. As for Papagni Wines, I was surprised there were only two tastings here. To make up for it though, they did serve cheese & crackers. I could have eaten the whole plate but we had a bus to catch!

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Vino & Friends, 1560 E. Champlain Drive, Fresno, CA. Tel: (559) 434-1771.
Madera Wine Trail, Tel: (800) 613-0709.
Cru Wine Company, 20146 Road 21, Madera, CA. Tel: (800) 946-3039.
Papagni Wines, 9505 Road 301/2, Madera, CA. Tel: (559) 673-5754.

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