Fresno 2011: San Joaquin Wine Company, Inc.


The second winery from our Madera County Wine Trail by Vino & Friends took place at San Joaquin Wine Company. Apparently this is a very well-known winery - many people travel from afar for the wines here. The wine tasting here was different from our first one at Quady Winery. All the tastings were in one big room. There were 4-5 different types of wines with 4-8 tastings for each type. Their popular labels included Moody Press wines (aged in barrels) and Green Eyes wines (aged in stainless tanks).

Being that I am a sucker for dessert wines, I quickly rushed through all the tables sampling the wines. When I finally made it to the dessert wine table (about 10 tastings later)...I felt like I hit a wine lottery: SEVEN different dessert wines to try! OMG wine heaven! My favorites were the Green Eyes Moscato & Green Eyes Pink Moscato. It was so good Alex & I ended up getting a bottle of each! Lucky for us, there was also a sale for those on the wine trail and we got 15% off. Four bottles for under $25? Score!

We also met someone who told us his "Bucket List" was to try all 3,000 of California's wineries (did you know we have that many here?) and he's done 500 so far. Pretty amazing huh? We were all loving his wine-cup-holder-necklace thingy. Genius invention! Will definitely need that on my next wine trail!

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